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Packages that use PropertyNotFoundException
org.hibernate.internal.util Internal utility classes. 
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. This package abstracts the notion of a "property" of an entity. 

Uses of PropertyNotFoundException in org.hibernate.internal.util

Methods in org.hibernate.internal.util that throw PropertyNotFoundException
static Constructor ReflectHelper.getConstructor(Class clazz, Type[] types)
          Retrieve a constructor for the given class, with arguments matching the specified Hibernate mapping types.
static Constructor ReflectHelper.getDefaultConstructor(Class clazz)
          Retrieve the default (no arg) constructor from the given class.

Uses of PropertyNotFoundException in org.hibernate.mapping

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping that throw PropertyNotFoundException
 Getter Property.getGetter(Class clazz)
 Setter Property.getSetter(Class clazz)

Uses of PropertyNotFoundException in

Methods in that throw PropertyNotFoundException
static Getter BasicPropertyAccessor.createGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Getter BasicPropertyAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Getter NoopAccessor.getGetter(Class arg0, String arg1)
          Create a "getter" for the named attribute
 Getter EmbeddedPropertyAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Getter ChainedPropertyAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Getter PropertyAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
          Create a "getter" for the named attribute
 Getter DirectPropertyAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Getter MapAccessor.getGetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
          Create a "getter" for the named attribute
 Setter BasicPropertyAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Setter NoopAccessor.getSetter(Class arg0, String arg1)
          Create a "setter" for the named attribute
 Setter EmbeddedPropertyAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Setter ChainedPropertyAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Setter PropertyAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
          Create a "setter" for the named attribute
 Setter DirectPropertyAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
 Setter MapAccessor.getSetter(Class theClass, String propertyName)
          Create a "setter" for the named attribute

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