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Packages that use SQLQuery
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs. 

Uses of SQLQuery in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate that return SQLQuery
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(Class entityType)
          Declare a "root" entity, without specifying an alias.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(String entityName)
          Declare a "root" entity, without specifying an alias.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(String tableAlias, Class entityType)
          Declare a "root" entity
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(String tableAlias, Class entityName, LockMode lockMode)
          Declare a "root" entity, specifying a lock mode
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(String tableAlias, String entityName)
          Declare a "root" entity
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addEntity(String tableAlias, String entityName, LockMode lockMode)
          Declare a "root" entity, specifying a lock mode
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addJoin(String tableAlias, String path)
          Declare a join fetch result.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addJoin(String tableAlias, String path, LockMode lockMode)
          Declare a join fetch result, specifying a lock mode
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addJoin(String tableAlias, String ownerTableAlias, String joinPropertyName)
          Declare a join fetch result.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addScalar(String columnAlias)
          Declare a scalar query result.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addScalar(String columnAlias, Type type)
          Declare a scalar query result.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addSynchronizedEntityClass(Class entityClass)
          Adds an entity for (a) auto-flush checking and (b) query result cache invalidation checking.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addSynchronizedEntityName(String entityName)
          Adds an entity name for (a) auto-flush checking and (b) query result cache invalidation checking.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.addSynchronizedQuerySpace(String querySpace)
          Adds a query space (table name) for (a) auto-flush checking and (b) query result cache invalidation checking
 SQLQuery SharedSessionContract.createSQLQuery(String queryString)
          Create a SQLQuery instance for the given SQL query string.
 SQLQuery SQLQuery.setResultSetMapping(String name)
          Use a predefined named result-set mapping.

Uses of SQLQuery in org.hibernate.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.internal that implement SQLQuery
 class SQLQueryImpl
          Implementation of the SQLQuery contract.

Methods in org.hibernate.internal that return SQLQuery
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(Class entityType)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(String entityName)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(String alias, Class entityClass)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(String alias, Class entityClass, LockMode lockMode)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(String alias, String entityName)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addEntity(String alias, String entityName, LockMode lockMode)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addJoin(String alias, String path)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addJoin(String alias, String path, LockMode lockMode)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addJoin(String tableAlias, String ownerTableAlias, String joinPropertyName)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addScalar(String columnAlias)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addScalar(String columnAlias, Type type)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addSynchronizedEntityClass(Class entityClass)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addSynchronizedEntityName(String entityName)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.addSynchronizedQuerySpace(String querySpace)
 SQLQuery AbstractSessionImpl.createSQLQuery(String sql)
 SQLQuery SessionImpl.createSQLQuery(String sql)
 SQLQuery SQLQueryImpl.setResultSetMapping(String name)

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