Uses of Class

Packages that use Order
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.criterion A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria. 
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs. 

Uses of Order in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate with parameters of type Order
 Criteria Criteria.addOrder(Order order)
          Add an ordering to the result set.

Uses of Order in org.hibernate.criterion

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion that return Order
 Order Property.asc()
static Order Order.asc(String propertyName)
          Ascending order
 Order Property.desc()
static Order Order.desc(String propertyName)
          Descending order
 Order Order.ignoreCase()

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion with parameters of type Order
 DetachedCriteria DetachedCriteria.addOrder(Order order)

Uses of Order in org.hibernate.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.internal that return Order
 Order CriteriaImpl.OrderEntry.getOrder()

Methods in org.hibernate.internal with parameters of type Order
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.addOrder(Order ordering)
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.Subcriteria.addOrder(Order order)

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