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Packages that use LockingStrategyException
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 

Uses of LockingStrategyException in org.hibernate

Subclasses of LockingStrategyException in org.hibernate
 class OptimisticLockException
          Deprecated. Use OptimisticEntityLockException instead

Uses of LockingStrategyException in org.hibernate.dialect.lock

Subclasses of LockingStrategyException in org.hibernate.dialect.lock
 class OptimisticEntityLockException
          Represents an error trying to apply an optimistic LockingStrategy to an entity
 class PessimisticEntityLockException
          Represents an error trying to apply a pessimistic LockingStrategy to an entity

Methods in org.hibernate.dialect.lock that throw LockingStrategyException
 void LockingStrategy.lock(Serializable id, Object version, Object object, int timeout, SessionImplementor session)
          Acquire an appropriate type of lock on the underlying data that will endure until the end of the current transaction.

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