Class JavaElementFilter

  extended by org.hibernate.ejb.packaging.Filter
      extended by org.hibernate.ejb.packaging.JavaElementFilter
Direct Known Subclasses:
ClassFilter, PackageFilter

public abstract class JavaElementFilter
extends Filter

Filter a Java element (class or package per fully qualified name and annotation existence) At least 1 annotation has to annotate the element and the accept method must match If none annotations are passed, only the accept method must pass.

Constructor Summary
protected JavaElementFilter(boolean retrieveStream, Class[] annotations)
Method Summary
abstract  boolean accept(String javaElementName)
          Return true if the fully qualified name match
 Class[] getAnnotations()
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Constructor Detail


protected JavaElementFilter(boolean retrieveStream,
                            Class[] annotations)
retrieveStream - Give back an open stream to the matching element or not
annotations - Array of annotations that must be present to match (1 of them should annotate the element
Method Detail


public Class[] getAnnotations()


public abstract boolean accept(String javaElementName)
Return true if the fully qualified name match

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