Package org.hibernate.ejb.packaging

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractJarVisitor Parse a JAR of any form (zip file, exploded directory, ...) apply a set of filters (File filter, Class filter, Package filter) and return the appropriate matching sets of elements
ClassFilter Filter on class elements
Entry Represent a JAR entry Contains a name and an optional Input stream to the entry
FileFilter Filter use to match a file by its name
FileZippedJarVisitor Work on a JAR that can be accessed through a File
Filter Filter used when searching elements in a JAR
InputStreamZippedJarVisitor Work on a JAR that can only be accessed through a inputstream This is less efficient than the FileZippedJarVisitor
JavaElementFilter Filter a Java element (class or package per fully qualified name and annotation existence) At least 1 annotation has to annotate the element and the accept method must match If none annotations are passed, only the accept method must pass.
PackageFilter Filter on pachage element
PersistenceMetadata Simple represenation of persistence.xml Object used by JBoss EJB 3 for persistence.xml parsing Object used by Hibernate OGM as well, consider this some kind of exposed service at the SPI level
PersistenceXmlLoader Handler for persistence.xml files.
XmlHelper A utility class to cover up the rough bits of xml parsing

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