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Packages that use NativeSQLQueryReturn
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms. 

Uses of NativeSQLQueryReturn in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate with parameters of type NativeSQLQueryReturn
 void SQLQueryResultMappingBuilder.ReturnsHolder.add(NativeSQLQueryReturn queryReturn)

Uses of NativeSQLQueryReturn in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine that return NativeSQLQueryReturn
 NativeSQLQueryReturn[] ResultSetMappingDefinition.getQueryReturns()

Methods in org.hibernate.engine with parameters of type NativeSQLQueryReturn
 void ResultSetMappingDefinition.addQueryReturn(NativeSQLQueryReturn queryReturn)

Uses of NativeSQLQueryReturn in org.hibernate.engine.query.spi.sql

Classes in org.hibernate.engine.query.spi.sql that implement NativeSQLQueryReturn
 class NativeSQLQueryCollectionReturn
          Represents a return defined as part of a native sql query which names a collection role in the form {classname}.{collectionrole}; it is used in defining a custom sql query for loading an entity's collection in non-fetching scenarios (i.e., loading the collection itself as the "root" of the result).
 class NativeSQLQueryJoinReturn
          Represents a return defined as part of a native sql query which names a fetched role.
 class NativeSQLQueryNonScalarReturn
          Represents the base information for a non-scalar return defined as part of a native sql query.
 class NativeSQLQueryRootReturn
          Represents a return defined as part of a native sql query which names a "root" entity.
 class NativeSQLQueryScalarReturn
          Describes a scalar return in a native SQL query.

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.query.spi.sql that return NativeSQLQueryReturn
 NativeSQLQueryReturn[] NativeSQLQuerySpecification.getQueryReturns()

Constructors in org.hibernate.engine.query.spi.sql with parameters of type NativeSQLQueryReturn
NativeSQLQuerySpecification(String queryString, NativeSQLQueryReturn[] queryReturns, Collection querySpaces)

Uses of NativeSQLQueryReturn in org.hibernate.engine.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.spi that return NativeSQLQueryReturn
 NativeSQLQueryReturn[] NamedSQLQueryDefinition.getQueryReturns()

Constructors in org.hibernate.engine.spi with parameters of type NativeSQLQueryReturn
NamedSQLQueryDefinition(String name, String query, NativeSQLQueryReturn[] queryReturns, List<String> querySpaces, boolean cacheable, String cacheRegion, Integer timeout, Integer fetchSize, FlushMode flushMode, CacheMode cacheMode, boolean readOnly, String comment, Map parameterTypes, boolean callable)
          This form used to construct a NamedSQLQueryDefinition from the binder code when a the result-set mapping information is explicitly provided in the query definition (i.e., no resultset-mapping used)

Uses of NativeSQLQueryReturn in org.hibernate.loader.custom.sql

Constructors in org.hibernate.loader.custom.sql with parameters of type NativeSQLQueryReturn
SQLCustomQuery(String sqlQuery, NativeSQLQueryReturn[] queryReturns, Collection additionalQuerySpaces, SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
SQLQueryReturnProcessor(NativeSQLQueryReturn[] queryReturns, SessionFactoryImplementor factory)

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