Uses of Interface

Packages that use UniqueDelegate
org.hibernate.dialect This package abstracts the SQL dialect of the underlying database. 

Uses of UniqueDelegate in org.hibernate.dialect

Methods in org.hibernate.dialect that return UniqueDelegate
 UniqueDelegate DB2Dialect.getUniqueDelegate()
 UniqueDelegate InformixDialect.getUniqueDelegate()
 UniqueDelegate Dialect.getUniqueDelegate()

Uses of UniqueDelegate in org.hibernate.dialect.unique

Classes in org.hibernate.dialect.unique that implement UniqueDelegate
 class DB2UniqueDelegate
          DB2 does not allow unique constraints on nullable columns.
 class DefaultUniqueDelegate
          The default UniqueDelegate implementation for most dialects.
 class InformixUniqueDelegate
          Informix requires the constraint name to come last on the alter table.

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