Package org.hibernate.service.internal

Class Summary
BootstrapServiceRegistryImpl ServiceRegistry implementation containing specialized "bootstrap" services, specifically: ClassLoaderService IntegratorService
ConcurrentServiceBinding<K,V> Since Service lookup is a very hot operation and essentially it's a read only data structure, to achieve threadsafety we can use immutability.
ProvidedService<R> A service provided as-is.
SessionFactoryServiceRegistryFactoryImpl Acts as a Service in the StandardServiceRegistryImpl whose function is as a factory for SessionFactoryServiceRegistryImpl implementations.
StandardServiceRegistryImpl Hibernate implementation of the standard service registry.
StandardSessionFactoryServiceInitiators Central definition of the standard set of initiators defined by Hibernate for the SessionFactoryServiceRegistry

Exception Summary
ServiceDependencyException Indictes a problem processing service dependencies.
ServiceProxyGenerationException Indicates a problem generating a service proxy

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