Class OuterJoinLoader

    • Field Detail

      • persisters

        protected Loadable[] persisters
      • collectionOwners

        protected int[] collectionOwners
      • aliases

        protected java.lang.String[] aliases
      • lockModeArray

        protected LockMode[] lockModeArray
      • owners

        protected int[] owners
      • ownerAssociationTypes

        protected EntityType[] ownerAssociationTypes
      • sql

        protected java.lang.String sql
      • suffixes

        protected java.lang.String[] suffixes
      • collectionSuffixes

        protected java.lang.String[] collectionSuffixes
    • Method Detail

      • getDialect

        protected final Dialect getDialect()
      • getSQLString

        public final java.lang.String getSQLString()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        The SQL query string to be called; implemented by all subclasses
        Specified by:
        getSQLString in class Loader
        The sql command this loader should use to get its ResultSet.
      • getEntityPersisters

        protected final Loadable[] getEntityPersisters()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        An array of persisters of entity classes contained in each row of results; implemented by all subclasses
        Specified by:
        getEntityPersisters in class Loader
        The entity persisters.
      • getOwners

        protected int[] getOwners()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        An array of indexes of the entity that owns a one-to-one association to the entity at the given index (-1 if there is no "owner"). The indexes contained here are relative to the result of Loader.getEntityPersisters().
        getOwners in class Loader
        The owner indicators (see discussion above).
      • getOwnerAssociationTypes

        protected EntityType[] getOwnerAssociationTypes()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        An array of the owner types corresponding to the Loader.getOwners() returns. Indices indicating no owner would be null here.
        getOwnerAssociationTypes in class Loader
        The types for the owners.
      • getLockModes

        protected LockMode[] getLockModes​(LockOptions lockOptions)
        Description copied from class: Loader
        What lock options does this load entities with?
        Specified by:
        getLockModes in class Loader
        lockOptions - a collection of lock options specified dynamically via the Query interface
      • getLockOptions

        protected LockOptions getLockOptions()
      • getAliases

        protected final java.lang.String[] getAliases()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        Get the SQL table aliases of entities whose associations are subselect-loadable, returning null if this loader does not support subselect loading
        getAliases in class Loader
      • getCollectionPersisters

        protected final CollectionPersister[] getCollectionPersisters()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        An (optional) persister for a collection to be initialized; only collection loaders return a non-null value
        getCollectionPersisters in class Loader
      • getCollectionOwners

        protected final int[] getCollectionOwners()
        Description copied from class: Loader
        Get the index of the entity that owns the collection, or -1 if there is no owner in the query results (ie. in the case of a collection initializer) or no collection.
        getCollectionOwners in class Loader
      • initFromWalker

        protected void initFromWalker​(JoinWalker walker)