Class Collection

    • Method Detail

      • isSet

        public boolean isSet()
      • getElement

        public Value getElement()
      • isIndexed

        public boolean isIndexed()
      • getCollectionTable

        public Table getCollectionTable()
      • setCollectionTable

        public void setCollectionTable​(Table table)
      • isSorted

        public boolean isSorted()
      • getComparator

        public Comparator<?> getComparator()
      • isLazy

        public boolean isLazy()
        Specified by:
        isLazy in interface Fetchable
      • setLazy

        public void setLazy​(boolean lazy)
        Specified by:
        setLazy in interface Fetchable
      • getRole

        public String getRole()
      • isPrimitiveArray

        public boolean isPrimitiveArray()
      • isArray

        public boolean isArray()
      • hasFormula

        public boolean hasFormula()
        Specified by:
        hasFormula in interface Value
      • isOneToMany

        public boolean isOneToMany()
      • isInverse

        public boolean isInverse()
      • getOwnerEntityName

        public String getOwnerEntityName()
      • getOrderBy

        public String getOrderBy()
      • setComparator

        public void setComparator​(Comparator comparator)
      • setElement

        public void setElement​(Value element)
      • setKey

        public void setKey​(KeyValue key)
      • setOrderBy

        public void setOrderBy​(String orderBy)
      • setRole

        public void setRole​(String role)
      • setSorted

        public void setSorted​(boolean sorted)
      • setInverse

        public void setInverse​(boolean inverse)
      • getWhere

        public String getWhere()
      • setWhere

        public void setWhere​(String where)
      • getManyToManyWhere

        public String getManyToManyWhere()
      • setManyToManyWhere

        public void setManyToManyWhere​(String manyToManyWhere)
      • getManyToManyOrdering

        public String getManyToManyOrdering()
      • setManyToManyOrdering

        public void setManyToManyOrdering​(String orderFragment)
      • isIdentified

        public boolean isIdentified()
      • hasOrphanDelete

        public boolean hasOrphanDelete()
      • setOrphanDelete

        public void setOrphanDelete​(boolean orphanDelete)
      • getBatchSize

        public int getBatchSize()
      • setBatchSize

        public void setBatchSize​(int i)
      • setCollectionPersisterClass

        public void setCollectionPersisterClass​(Class<? extends CollectionPersister> persister)
      • getColumns

        public List<Column> getColumns()
        Description copied from interface: Value
        If the mapping involves only columns, return them.
        Specified by:
        getColumns in interface Value
      • getColumnSpan

        public int getColumnSpan()
        Description copied from interface: Value
        The number of columns and formulas in the mapping.
        Specified by:
        getColumnSpan in interface Value
      • isNullable

        public boolean isNullable()
        Specified by:
        isNullable in interface Value
      • createUniqueKey

        public void createUniqueKey()
        Specified by:
        createUniqueKey in interface Value
      • isSimpleValue

        public boolean isSimpleValue()
        Specified by:
        isSimpleValue in interface Value
      • isValid

        public boolean isValid​(Mapping mapping)
        Specified by:
        isValid in interface Value
      • isSame

        public boolean isSame​(Value other)
        Specified by:
        isSame in interface Value
      • isSame

        protected static boolean isSame​(Value v1,
                                        Value v2)
      • isSame

        public boolean isSame​(Collection other)
      • getCacheConcurrencyStrategy

        public String getCacheConcurrencyStrategy()
      • setCacheConcurrencyStrategy

        public void setCacheConcurrencyStrategy​(String cacheConcurrencyStrategy)
      • getCacheRegionName

        public String getCacheRegionName()
      • setCacheRegionName

        public void setCacheRegionName​(String cacheRegionName)
      • getCustomSQLInsert

        public String getCustomSQLInsert()
      • isCustomInsertCallable

        public boolean isCustomInsertCallable()
      • getCustomSQLUpdate

        public String getCustomSQLUpdate()
      • isCustomUpdateCallable

        public boolean isCustomUpdateCallable()
      • getCustomSQLDelete

        public String getCustomSQLDelete()
      • isCustomDeleteCallable

        public boolean isCustomDeleteCallable()
      • getCustomSQLDeleteAll

        public String getCustomSQLDeleteAll()
      • isCustomDeleteAllCallable

        public boolean isCustomDeleteAllCallable()
      • getSynchronizedTables

        public Set<String> getSynchronizedTables()
      • getLoaderName

        public String getLoaderName()
      • setLoaderName

        public void setLoaderName​(String name)
      • getReferencedPropertyName

        public String getReferencedPropertyName()
      • setReferencedPropertyName

        public void setReferencedPropertyName​(String propertyRef)
      • isOptimisticLocked

        public boolean isOptimisticLocked()
      • setOptimisticLocked

        public void setOptimisticLocked​(boolean optimisticLocked)
      • isMap

        public boolean isMap()
      • getTypeName

        public String getTypeName()
      • setTypeName

        public void setTypeName​(String typeName)
      • getTypeParameters

        public Properties getTypeParameters()
      • setTypeParameters

        public void setTypeParameters​(Properties parameterMap)
      • setTypeParameters

        public void setTypeParameters​(Map parameterMap)
      • isSubselectLoadable

        public boolean isSubselectLoadable()
      • setSubselectLoadable

        public void setSubselectLoadable​(boolean subqueryLoadable)
      • isMutable

        public boolean isMutable()
      • setMutable

        public void setMutable​(boolean mutable)
      • isExtraLazy

        public boolean isExtraLazy()
      • setExtraLazy

        public void setExtraLazy​(boolean extraLazy)
      • hasOrder

        public boolean hasOrder()
      • setComparatorClassName

        public void setComparatorClassName​(String comparatorClassName)
      • getComparatorClassName

        public String getComparatorClassName()
      • getMappedByProperty

        public String getMappedByProperty()
      • setMappedByProperty

        public void setMappedByProperty​(String mappedByProperty)