Class MappedSuperclass

  • public class MappedSuperclass
    extends Object
    Represents a @MappedSuperclass. A @MappedSuperclass can be a superclass of an @Entity (root or not) This class primary goal is to give a representation to @MappedSuperclass in the metamodel in order to reflect them in the JPA 2 metamodel. Do not use outside this use case. A proper redesign will be evaluated in Hibernate 4 Implementation details: properties are copies of their closest sub-persistentClass versions
    • Method Detail

      • getSuperMappedSuperclass

        public MappedSuperclass getSuperMappedSuperclass()
        Returns the first superclass marked as @MappedSuperclass or null if: - none exists - or the first persistent superclass found is an @Entity
        the super MappedSuperclass
      • hasIdentifierProperty

        public boolean hasIdentifierProperty()
      • isVersioned

        public boolean isVersioned()
      • getSuperPersistentClass

        public PersistentClass getSuperPersistentClass()
        Returns the PersistentClass of the first superclass marked as @Entity or null if none exists
        the PersistentClass of the superclass
      • getDeclaredProperties

        public List<Property> getDeclaredProperties()
      • addDeclaredProperty

        public void addDeclaredProperty​(Property p)
      • getMappedClass

        public Class<?> getMappedClass()
      • setMappedClass

        public void setMappedClass​(Class<?> mappedClass)
      • getIdentifierProperty

        public Property getIdentifierProperty()
      • getDeclaredIdentifierProperty

        public Property getDeclaredIdentifierProperty()
      • setDeclaredIdentifierProperty

        public void setDeclaredIdentifierProperty​(Property prop)
      • getVersion

        public Property getVersion()
      • getDeclaredVersion

        public Property getDeclaredVersion()
      • setDeclaredVersion

        public void setDeclaredVersion​(Property prop)
      • getIdentifierMapper

        public Component getIdentifierMapper()
      • getDeclaredIdentifierMapper

        public Component getDeclaredIdentifierMapper()
      • setDeclaredIdentifierMapper

        public void setDeclaredIdentifierMapper​(Component identifierMapper)
      • hasProperty

        public boolean hasProperty​(String name)
        Check to see if this MappedSuperclass defines a property with the given name.
        name - The property name to check
        true if a property with that name exists; false if not
      • isPropertyDefinedInHierarchy

        public boolean isPropertyDefinedInHierarchy​(String name)
        Check to see if a property with the given name exists in this MappedSuperclass or in any of its super hierarchy.
        name - The property name to check
        true if a property with that name exists; false if not
      • prepareForMappingModel

        public void prepareForMappingModel()