Class JdbcTypeJavaClassMappings

  • public class JdbcTypeJavaClassMappings
    extends Object
    Maintains the JDBC recommended mappings for JDBC type-code to/from Java Class as defined in Appendix B: Data Type Conversion Tables of the JDBC Specification.
    • Method Detail

      • determineJdbcTypeCodeForJavaClass

        public int determineJdbcTypeCodeForJavaClass​(Class<?> cls)
        For the given Java type, determine the JDBC recommended JDBC type.

        This includes the mappings defined in TABLE B-2: Java Types Mapped to JDBC Types and TABLE B-4: Java Object Types Mapped to JDBC Types, as well as some additional "common sense" mappings.

      • determineJavaClassForJdbcTypeCode

        public Class<?> determineJavaClassForJdbcTypeCode​(Integer typeCode)
        For the given JDBC type, determine the JDBC recommended Java type.

        These mappings are defined by TABLE B-1: JDBC Types Mapped to Java Types.