Interface BeforeExecutionGenerator

    • Method Detail

      • generate

        Object generate​(SharedSessionContractImplementor session,
                        Object owner,
                        Object currentValue,
                        EventType eventType)
        Generate a value.
        session - The session from which the request originates.
        owner - The instance of the object owning the attribute for which we are generating a value.
        currentValue - The current value assigned to the property, or null
        eventType - The type of event that has triggered generation of a new value
        The generated value
      • generatedOnExecution

        default boolean generatedOnExecution()
        Description copied from interface: Generator
        Determines if the property value is generated when a row is written to the database, or in Java code that executes before the row is written.
        • Generators which only implement BeforeExecutionGenerator must result false.
        • Generators which only implement OnExecutionGenerator must result true.
        • Generators which implement both subinterfaces may decide at runtime what value to return.
        Specified by:
        generatedOnExecution in interface Generator
        true if the value is generated by the database as a side effect of the execution of an insert or update statement, or false if it is generated in Java code before the statement is executed via JDBC.