Interface Initializer

    • Method Detail

      • getInitializedPart

        ModelPart getInitializedPart()
      • getInitializedInstance

        Object getInitializedInstance()
      • markShallowCached

        default void markShallowCached()
      • resolveKey

        void resolveKey​(RowProcessingState rowProcessingState)
        Step 1 - Resolve the key value for this initializer for the current row. After this point, the initializer knows the entity/collection/component key for the current row
      • initializeInstanceFromParent

        default void initializeInstanceFromParent​(Object parentInstance,
                                                  RowProcessingState rowProcessingState)
        Step 3.1 - Initialize the state of the instance as extracted from the given parentInstance. Extraction can be done with the getInitializedPart(). Initializers are supposed to recursively call this method for sub-initializers. This alternative initialization protocol is used for shallow query cache hits, in which case there is no data available in the JdbcValuesCacheHit to initialize potentially lazy associations.
      • finishUpRow

        void finishUpRow​(RowProcessingState rowProcessingState)
        Lifecycle method called at the end of the current row processing. Provides ability to complete processing from the current row and prepare for the next row.
      • endLoading

        default void endLoading​(ExecutionContext executionContext)
        Lifecycle method called at the very end of the result values processing
      • isPartOfKey

        boolean isPartOfKey()
      • isResultInitializer

        boolean isResultInitializer()
      • isEmbeddableInitializer

        default boolean isEmbeddableInitializer()
      • isEntityInitializer

        default boolean isEntityInitializer()
      • isCollectionInitializer

        default boolean isCollectionInitializer()
      • asEntityInitializer

        default @Nullable EntityInitializer asEntityInitializer()
        A utility method to avoid casting explicitly to EntityInitializer
        EntityInitializer if this is an instance of EntityInitializer otherwise null
      • asEmbeddableInitializer

        default @Nullable EmbeddableInitializer asEmbeddableInitializer()
        A utility method to avoid casting explicitly to EmbeddableInitializer
        EmbeddableInitializer if this is an instance of EmbeddableInitializer otherwise null
      • asCollectionInitializer

        default @Nullable CollectionInitializer asCollectionInitializer()
        A utility method to avoid casting explicitly to CollectionInitializer
        CollectionInitializer if this is an instance of CollectionInitializer otherwise null