Interface ExecutionContext

    • Method Detail

      • isScrollResult

        default boolean isScrollResult()
      • hasCallbackActions

        default boolean hasCallbackActions()
      • getQueryIdentifier

        String getQueryIdentifier​(String sql)
      • getCollectionKey

        default CollectionKey getCollectionKey()
        Get the collection key for the collection which is to be loaded immediately.
      • getEntityInstance

        default Object getEntityInstance()
        Should only be used when initializing a bytecode-proxy
      • getEntityId

        default Object getEntityId()
      • getEntityUniqueKeyAttributePath

        default String getEntityUniqueKeyAttributePath()
      • getEntityUniqueKey

        default Object getEntityUniqueKey()
      • registerLoadingEntityHolder

        default void registerLoadingEntityHolder​(EntityHolder holder)
      • hasQueryExecutionToBeAddedToStatistics

        default boolean hasQueryExecutionToBeAddedToStatistics()
        Determine if the query execution has to be considered by the Statistics.
        true if the query execution has to be added to the Statistics, false otherwise.
      • upgradeLocks

        default boolean upgradeLocks()
        Does this query return objects that might be already cached by the session, whose lock mode may need upgrading