Interface RowProcessingState

    • Method Detail

      • getJdbcValuesSourceProcessingState

        JdbcValuesSourceProcessingState getJdbcValuesSourceProcessingState()
        Access to the state related to the overall processing of the results.
      • getRowReader

        RowReader<?> getRowReader()
        todo (6.0) : do we want this here? Depends how we handle caching assembler / result memento
      • getJdbcValue

        Object getJdbcValue​(int position)
        Retrieve the value corresponding to the given index as part of the "current JDBC row". We read all the ResultSet values for the given row one time and store them into an array internally based on the principle that multiple accesses to this array will be significantly faster than accessing them from the ResultSet potentially multiple times.
      • registerNonExists

        void registerNonExists​(EntityFetch fetch)
      • isQueryCacheHit

        boolean isQueryCacheHit()
      • finishRowProcessing

        void finishRowProcessing()
        Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
        Callback at the end of processing the current "row"
      • finishRowProcessing

        default void finishRowProcessing​(boolean wasAdded)
        Callback at the end of processing the current "row"
      • resolveInitializer

        Initializer resolveInitializer​(@Nullable NavigablePath path)
        Locate the Initializer registered for the given path