Class Property

    • Constructor Detail

      • Property

        public Property()
    • Method Detail

      • isBackRef

        public boolean isBackRef()
      • isSynthetic

        public boolean isSynthetic()
        Does this property represent a synthetic property? A synthetic property is one we create during metamodel binding to represent a collection of columns but which does not represent a property physically available on the entity.
        True if synthetic; false otherwise.
      • getColumnSpan

        public int getColumnSpan()
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • isComposite

        public boolean isComposite()
      • getValue

        public Value getValue()
      • resetUpdateable

        public void resetUpdateable​(boolean updateable)
      • resetOptional

        public void resetOptional​(boolean optional)
      • isPrimitive

        public boolean isPrimitive​(Class<?> clazz)
        Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
        this method is no longer used
      • getCascade

        public String getCascade()
      • setCascade

        public void setCascade​(String cascade)
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(Value value)
      • isUpdateable

        public boolean isUpdateable()
      • isInsertable

        public boolean isInsertable()
      • setUpdateable

        public void setUpdateable​(boolean mutable)
      • setInsertable

        public void setInsertable​(boolean insertable)
      • getPropertyAccessorName

        public String getPropertyAccessorName()
      • setPropertyAccessorName

        public void setPropertyAccessorName​(String string)
      • setPropertyAccessStrategy

        public void setPropertyAccessStrategy​(PropertyAccessStrategy propertyAccessStrategy)
      • isBasicPropertyAccessor

        public boolean isBasicPropertyAccessor()
      • setLazy

        public void setLazy​(boolean lazy)
      • getLazyGroup

        public String getLazyGroup()
      • setLazyGroup

        public void setLazyGroup​(String lazyGroup)
      • isOptimisticLocked

        public boolean isOptimisticLocked()
      • setOptimisticLocked

        public void setOptimisticLocked​(boolean optimisticLocked)
      • isOptional

        public boolean isOptional()
      • setOptional

        public void setOptional​(boolean optional)
      • setPersistentClass

        public void setPersistentClass​(PersistentClass persistentClass)
      • isSelectable

        public boolean isSelectable()
      • setSelectable

        public void setSelectable​(boolean selectable)
      • resolveServiceRegistry

        protected ServiceRegistry resolveServiceRegistry()
      • isNaturalIdentifier

        public boolean isNaturalIdentifier()
      • setNaturalIdentifier

        public void setNaturalIdentifier​(boolean naturalIdentifier)
      • isGeneric

        public boolean isGeneric()
      • setGeneric

        public void setGeneric​(boolean generic)
      • isLob

        public boolean isLob()
      • setLob

        public void setLob​(boolean lob)
      • addCallbackDefinitions

        public void addCallbackDefinitions​(List<CallbackDefinition> callbackDefinitions)
      • getReturnedClassName

        public String getReturnedClassName()
      • setReturnedClassName

        public void setReturnedClassName​(String returnedClassName)