Interface SearchScrollResult<H>

    • Method Detail

      • total

        SearchResultTotal total()
        The total for a search result, pertaining to all matched documents, independently from the current chunk of hits(). Includes in particular the total hit count.
      • hasHits

        boolean hasHits()
        Returns true if this scrolling result contains some index hits.

        Notice that it is possible for this method to return true while hits() returns an empty list, e.g.: if matching entities could not be found in the database.

        This methods is mainly useful as a stop condition in loops.

        if there are still some index result hits.
      • hits

        List<H> hits()
        The hits of this scrolling result as a List containing one element for each matched entity.
      • took

        Duration took()
        the time taken to process the request, as a Duration
      • timedOut

        boolean timedOut()
        whether or not a timeout occurred processing the request.