Class SimpleSearchScrollResult<H>

    • Method Detail

      • hasHits

        public boolean hasHits()
        Description copied from interface: SearchScrollResult
        Returns true if this scrolling result contains some index hits.

        Notice that it is possible for this method to return true while SearchScrollResult.hits() returns an empty list, e.g.: if matching entities could not be found in the database.

        This methods is mainly useful as a stop condition in loops.

        Specified by:
        hasHits in interface SearchScrollResult<H>
        if there are still some index result hits.
      • hits

        public List<H> hits()
        Specified by:
        hits in interface SearchScrollResult<H>
        The hits of this scrolling result as a List containing one element for each matched entity.
      • timedOut

        public boolean timedOut()
        Specified by:
        timedOut in interface SearchScrollResult<H>
        whether or not a timeout occurred processing the request.