Interface PojoOtherEntityIndexingDependencyConfigurationContext

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    public interface PojoOtherEntityIndexingDependencyConfigurationContext
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        PojoOtherEntityIndexingDependencyConfigurationContext use​(PojoModelPathValueNode pathFromBridgedTypeToUsedValue)
        Declare that the given path is read by the bridge at index time to populate the indexed document.

        Every component of this path will be considered as a dependency, so it is not necessary to call this method for every subpath. In other words, if the path "myProperty.someOtherProperty" is declared as used, Hibernate Search will automatically assume that "myProperty" is also used.

        pathFromBridgedTypeToUsedValue - The path from the entity type to the value used by the bridge.
        this, for method chaining.
        SearchException - If the given path cannot be applied to the entity type.