Class AbstractPojoHCAnnRawTypeModel<T,I extends AbstractPojoHCAnnBootstrapIntrospector>

All Implemented Interfaces:
MappableTypeModel, PojoRawTypeModel<T>, PojoTypeModel<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class AbstractPojoHCAnnRawTypeModel<T,I extends AbstractPojoHCAnnBootstrapIntrospector> extends AbstractPojoRawTypeModel<T,I>
  • Field Details

    • xClass

      protected final org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass xClass
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • isAbstract

      public boolean isAbstract()
      true if this type is abstract, i.e. it cannot be instantiated as-is (but may be as a subtype). false otherwise.
    • isSubTypeOf

      public final boolean isSubTypeOf(MappableTypeModel other)
      other - Another type that should be assessed as a supertype.
      true if this type is a subtype of superTypeCandidate, i.e. if superTypeCandidate is mentioned in MappableTypeModel.ascendingSuperTypes(). false otherwise.
    • typeArgument

      public Optional<PojoTypeModel<?>> typeArgument(Class<?> rawSuperType, int typeParameterIndex)
      rawSuperType - The supertype to resolve type parameters for
      typeParameterIndex - The index of the type parameter to resolve
      The model for the type argument for the type parameter defined in rawSuperType at index typeParameterIndex, or an empty optional if the current type does not extend rawSuperType. Implementations may decide to return a model of the raw type argument, or to retain generics information.
    • arrayElementType

      public Optional<PojoTypeModel<?>> arrayElementType()
      The model for the array element type, or an empty optional if the current type is not an array type. Implementations may decide to return a model of the raw array element type, or to retain generics information.
    • annotations

      public Stream<Annotation> annotations()
      All annotations on this specific type (non-inherited annotations from supertype are excluded).
    • createDeclaredConstructors

      protected List<PojoConstructorModel<T>> createDeclaredConstructors()
      Specified by:
      createDeclaredConstructors in class AbstractPojoRawTypeModel<T,I extends AbstractPojoHCAnnBootstrapIntrospector>
    • declaredPropertyNames

      protected final Stream<String> declaredPropertyNames()
      Specified by:
      declaredPropertyNames in class AbstractPojoRawTypeModel<T,I extends AbstractPojoHCAnnBootstrapIntrospector>
    • declaredFieldAccessXPropertiesByName

      protected final Map<String,org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty> declaredFieldAccessXPropertiesByName()
    • declaredMethodAccessXPropertiesByName

      protected final Map<String,List<org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty>> declaredMethodAccessXPropertiesByName()
    • declaredPropertyGetters

      protected final List<Member> declaredPropertyGetters(String propertyName)
    • declaredPropertyField

      protected final Member declaredPropertyField(String propertyName)