Class GenericContextAwarePojoGenericTypeModel.RawTypeDeclaringContext<T>

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public static class GenericContextAwarePojoGenericTypeModel.RawTypeDeclaringContext<T> extends Object
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    • typeArgument

      public Optional<PojoTypeModel<?>> typeArgument(Class<?> rawSuperType, int typeParameterIndex)
    • arrayElementType

      public Optional<PojoTypeModel<?>> arrayElementType()
    • memberTypeReference

      public PojoTypeModel<?> memberTypeReference(Type declaredType)
      declaredType - The type to create a generic type model for.
      A generic type model for declaredType in this context. The type parameter can safely be assumed to be exactly the type declaredType. For instance if declaredType is String.class, the returned type model will be an instance of PojoGenericTypeModel<String>. If declaredType is List<String>, it will be PojoGenericTypeModel<List<String>>, and so on.