Interface Cascadable<C extends Cascadable<C>>

All Known Subinterfaces:
ParameterConstraintMappingContext, PropertyConstraintMappingContext, ReturnValueConstraintMappingContext
All Known Implementing Classes:
ParameterConstraintMappingContextImpl, PropertyConstraintMappingContextImpl, ReturnValueConstraintMappingContextImpl

public interface Cascadable<C extends Cascadable<C>>

Facet of a constraint mapping creational context which allows to mark the underlying element as to be validated in a cascaded way.

Gunnar Morling, Kevin Pollet - SERLI - (

Method Summary
 C valid()
          Marks the current element (property, parameter etc.) as cascadable.

Method Detail


C valid()
Marks the current element (property, parameter etc.) as cascadable.

The current creational context following the method chaining pattern.

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