Hibernate Validator 4.2.0.Final

Validator Packages
org.hibernate.validator Bootstrap classes HibernateValidator and HibernateValidatorConfiguration which uniquely identify Hibernate Validator and allow to configure it.
org.hibernate.validator.cfg Entry point for the programmatic constraint definition API.
org.hibernate.validator.cfg.context Contains facet and creational context interfaces forming the API for programmatic constraint definition.
org.hibernate.validator.cfg.context.impl Creational context implementations of the API for programmatic constraint definition.
org.hibernate.validator.cfg.defs Constraint definition classes for programmatic constraint definition API.
org.hibernate.validator.constraints Hibernate Validator specific constraints.
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.impl Implementations of the Bean Validation built-in as well as Hibernate Validator specific constraints.
org.hibernate.validator.engine Implementations for the core interfaces of JSR-303.
org.hibernate.validator.engine.groups Helper classes for the processing of groups.
org.hibernate.validator.engine.resolver Various implementations of the TraversableResolver interface.
org.hibernate.validator.group This package provides support for dynamic default group sequence definition.
org.hibernate.validator.messageinterpolation Implementations of the MessageInterpolator interface in particular ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator which can be used by custom implementations of the interface for delegation.
org.hibernate.validator.metadata Implementations of the Bean Validation metadata interfaces as well as Hibernate Validator specific meta data classes.
org.hibernate.validator.metadata.location Contains types for the representation of constraint locations.
org.hibernate.validator.method This package provides support for method-level constraints based on JSR 303: Bean Validation, Appendix C ("Proposal for method-level validation").
org.hibernate.validator.method.metadata This package provides a meta model related to method-level constraints and as such is an addition to the package javax.validation.metadata provided by the Bean Validation API.
org.hibernate.validator.resourceloading ResourceBundleLocator interface and its various implementations.
org.hibernate.validator.util Independent helper classes.
org.hibernate.validator.util.annotationfactory Annotation proxy helper.
org.hibernate.validator.util.privilegedactions Implementations of PrivilegedAction in order to execute reflection operations in a security manager.
org.hibernate.validator.util.scriptengine Classes related to the evaluation of script with ScriptEngine (JSR-223).
org.hibernate.validator.xml Classes used to parse Bean Validation XML configuration files.


Annotation Processor Packages
org.hibernate.validator.ap This package contains the main class of Hibernate Validator annotation processor.
org.hibernate.validator.ap.checks This package contains check implementations used by the annotation processor to verify constraint declarations.
org.hibernate.validator.ap.util This package contains helper classes.


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