Interface MethodTarget

All Known Subinterfaces:
ParameterConstraintMappingContext, PropertyConstraintMappingContext, ReturnValueConstraintMappingContext, TypeConstraintMappingContext<C>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ParameterConstraintMappingContextImpl, PropertyConstraintMappingContextImpl, ReturnValueConstraintMappingContextImpl, TypeConstraintMappingContextImpl

public interface MethodTarget

Facet of a constraint mapping creational context which allows to the select the bean method to which the next operations shall apply.

Kevin Pollet - SERLI - (, Gunnar Morling

Method Summary
 MethodConstraintMappingContext method(String name, Class<?>... parameterTypes)
          Selects a method to which the next operations shall apply.

Method Detail


MethodConstraintMappingContext method(String name,
                                      Class<?>... parameterTypes)
Selects a method to which the next operations shall apply.

Until this method is called constraints apply on class level. After calling this method constraints apply to the specified method.

name - The method name.
parameterTypes - The method parameter types.
A creational context representing the selected method.

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