Interface DefaultGroupSequenceProvider<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The type for which an implementation is defined.

public interface DefaultGroupSequenceProvider<T>

This class defines the dynamic group sequence provider contract.

In order to redefine dynamically the default group sequence for a type T, the GroupSequenceProvider annotation must be placed on T, specifying as its value a concrete implementation of DefaultGroupSequenceProvider, which must be parametrized with the type T.

If during the validation process the Default group is validated for T, the actual validated instance is passed to the DefaultGroupSequenceProvider to determine the default group sequence.


Kevin Pollet - SERLI - (, Hardy Ferentschik

Method Summary
 List<Class<?>> getValidationGroups(T object)
          This method returns the default group sequence for the given instance.

Method Detail


List<Class<?>> getValidationGroups(T object)
This method returns the default group sequence for the given instance.

The object parameter allows to dynamically compose the default group sequence in function of the validated value state.

object - the instance being validated. This value can be null in case this method was called as part of Validator#validateValue.
a list of classes specifying the default group sequence. The same constraints to the redefined group list apply as for lists defined via GroupSequence. In particular the list has to contain the type T.

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