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Packages that use ConstraintLocation
org.hibernate.validator.cfg.context.impl Creational context implementations of the API for programmatic constraint definition. 
org.hibernate.validator.metadata Implementations of the Bean Validation metadata interfaces as well as Hibernate Validator specific meta data classes. 
org.hibernate.validator.metadata.location Contains types for the representation of constraint locations. 

Uses of ConstraintLocation in org.hibernate.validator.cfg.context.impl

Classes in org.hibernate.validator.cfg.context.impl with type parameters of type ConstraintLocation
 class ConfiguredConstraint<A extends Annotation,L extends ConstraintLocation>
          Represents a programmatically configured constraint and meta-data related to its location (bean type etc.).

Uses of ConstraintLocation in org.hibernate.validator.metadata

Fields in org.hibernate.validator.metadata declared as ConstraintLocation
protected  ConstraintLocation MetaConstraint.location
          The location at which this constraint is defined.

Methods in org.hibernate.validator.metadata that return ConstraintLocation
 ConstraintLocation MetaConstraint.getLocation()

Constructors in org.hibernate.validator.metadata with parameters of type ConstraintLocation
MetaConstraint(ConstraintDescriptorImpl<A> constraintDescriptor, ConstraintLocation location)

Uses of ConstraintLocation in org.hibernate.validator.metadata.location

Classes in org.hibernate.validator.metadata.location that implement ConstraintLocation
 class BeanConstraintLocation
          A ConstraintLocation implementation that represents either a bean (in case of class-level constraints), a field or a getter method (in case of property-level constraints).
 class MethodConstraintLocation
          A ConstraintLocation implementation that represents a method parameter or return value.

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