Package org.hibernate.validator.xml

Classes used to parse Bean Validation XML configuration files.


Class Summary
AnnotationType Java class for annotationType complex type.
BeanType Java class for beanType complex type.
ClassType Java class for classType complex type.
ConstraintDefinitionType Java class for constraint-definitionType complex type.
ConstraintMappingsType Java class for constraint-mappingsType complex type.
ConstraintType Java class for constraintType complex type.
ElementType Java class for elementType complex type.
FieldType Java class for fieldType complex type.
GetterType Java class for getterType complex type.
GroupSequenceType Java class for groupSequenceType complex type.
GroupsType Java class for groupsType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.hibernate.validator.xml package.
PayloadType Java class for payloadType complex type.
PropertyType Java class for propertyType complex type.
ValidatedByType Java class for validated-byType complex type.
ValidationConfigType Java class for validation-configType complex type.
ValidationXmlParser Parser for validation.xml using JAXB.

Package org.hibernate.validator.xml Description

Classes used to parse Bean Validation XML configuration files.

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