Class AsyncStoreConfiguration

  • public class AsyncStoreConfiguration
    extends Object
    Configuration for the async cache store. If enabled, this provides you with asynchronous writes to the cache store, giving you 'write-behind' caching.
    • Field Detail

      • ENABLED

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Boolean> ENABLED

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Integer> MODIFICATION_QUEUE_SIZE

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Integer> THREAD_POOL_SIZE

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Boolean> FAIL_SILENTLY
    • Constructor Detail

      • AsyncStoreConfiguration

        public AsyncStoreConfiguration​(org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeSet attributes)
    • Method Detail

      • attributeDefinitionSet

        public static org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeSet attributeDefinitionSet()
      • enabled

        public boolean enabled()
        If true, all modifications to this cache store happen asynchronously, on a separate thread.
      • modificationQueueSize

        public int modificationQueueSize()
        Sets the size of the modification queue for the async store. If updates are made at a rate that is faster than the underlying cache store can process this queue, then the async store behaves like a synchronous store for that period, blocking until the queue can accept more elements.
      • threadPoolSize

        public int threadPoolSize()
        since 11.0 with no replacement as the thread pool is no longer used
        Size of the thread pool whose threads are responsible for applying the modifications.
      • failSilently

        public boolean failSilently()
      • attributes

        public org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeSet attributes()
      • toString

        public String toString()
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object obj)
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        public int hashCode()