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Packages that use Marshallable
org.infinispan.atomic This package contains the AtomicMap interfaces and API that Infinispan exposes as building blocks in creating other public interfaces such as the Tree API. 
org.infinispan.commands.control Commands that control and coordinate certain cache operations, such as rehashing, state transfer and locking. Commands that read data from the cache. 
org.infinispan.commands.remote Meta-commands that wrap other commands for remote execution. 
org.infinispan.commands.tx Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions. 
org.infinispan.commands.write Commands that alter the state of the cache. 
org.infinispan.container.entries Entries which are stored in data containers. 
org.infinispan.distribution Classes relating to the distributed cache mode. 
org.infinispan.loaders.bucket Abstract classes that use hashed buckets to store entries. 
org.infinispan.marshall Infinispan makes use of custom marshalling to serialize and deserialize state wherever possible, rather than falling back to the JDK to do this. 
org.infinispan.marshall.exts Externalizers for various JDK types that are marshalled using the marshalling framework. 
org.infinispan.remoting.responses Abstractions of the different response types allowed during RPC. 
org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups A transport implementation based on JGroups
org.infinispan.transaction JTA transaction support. 
org.infinispan.transaction.xa XA transaction support. 
org.infinispan.tree This package contains the TreeCache. 
org.infinispan.util General utilities that are not specific to Infinispan, including string parsing helpers, reflection tools and collections and containers designed to supplement the JDK-provided containers. 

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.atomic

Classes in org.infinispan.atomic with annotations of type Marshallable
 class AtomicHashMap<K,V>
          The default implementation of AtomicMap.
 class AtomicHashMapDelta
          Changes that have occurred on an AtomicHashMap
 class ClearOperation<K,V>
          An atomic clear operation.
 class PutOperation<K,V>
          An atomic put operation.
 class RemoveOperation<K,V>
          An atomic remove operation.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.commands.control

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.control with annotations of type Marshallable
 class LockControlCommand
          LockControlCommand is a command that enables distributed locking across infinispan nodes.
 class RehashControlCommand
          A control command to coordinate rehashes that may occur when nodes join or leave a cluster, when DIST is used as a cache mode.
 class StateTransferControlCommand
          A command that informs caches participating in a state transfer of the various stages in the state transfer process.

Uses of Marshallable in

Classes in with annotations of type Marshallable
 class GetKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.get(Object) and Map.containsKey(Object) operations

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.commands.remote

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.remote with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ClusteredGetCommand
          Issues a remote get call.
 class MultipleRpcCommand
          Command that implements cluster replication logic.
 class SingleRpcCommand
          Similar to MultipleRpcCommand, but it only aggregates a single command for replication.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.commands.tx

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.tx with annotations of type Marshallable
 class CommitCommand
          Command corresponding to the 2nd phase of 2PC.
 class PrepareCommand
          Command corresponding to the 1st phase of 2PC.
 class RollbackCommand
          Command corresponding to a transaction rollback.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.commands.write

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.write with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ClearCommand
 class EvictCommand
 class InvalidateCommand
          Removes an entry from memory - never removes the entry.
 class InvalidateL1Command
          Invalidates an entry in a L1 cache (used with DIST mode)
 class PutKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.put(Object, Object)
 class PutMapCommand
 class RemoveCommand
 class ReplaceCommand

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.container.entries

Classes in org.infinispan.container.entries with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ImmortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is immortal/cannot expire
 class ImmortalCacheValue
          An immortal cache value, to correspond with ImmortalCacheEntry
 class MortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is mortal.
 class MortalCacheValue
          A mortal cache value, to correspond with MortalCacheEntry
 class TransientCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is transient, i.e., it can be considered expired after a period of not being used.
 class TransientCacheValue
          A transient cache value, to correspond with TransientCacheEntry
 class TransientMortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is both transient and mortal.
 class TransientMortalCacheValue
          A transient, mortal cache value to correspond with TransientMortalCacheEntry

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.distribution

Classes in org.infinispan.distribution with annotations of type Marshallable
 class DefaultConsistentHash
 class ExperimentalDefaultConsistentHash
          Consistent hashing algorithm.
 class UnionConsistentHash
          A delegating wrapper that locates keys by getting a union of locations reported by two other ConsistentHash implementations it delegates to.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.loaders.bucket

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.bucket with annotations of type Marshallable
 class Bucket
          A bucket is where entries are stored.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.marshall

Classes in org.infinispan.marshall with annotations of type Marshallable
 class MarshalledValue
          Wrapper that wraps cached data, providing lazy deserialization using the calling thread's context class loader.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.marshall.exts

Classes in org.infinispan.marshall.exts with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ArrayListExternalizer
          List externalizer dealing with ArrayList and LinkedList implementations.
 class LinkedListExternalizer
 class MapExternalizer
          Map externalizer for all map implementations except immutable maps and singleton maps, i.e.
 class SetExternalizer
          Set externalizer for all set implementations, i.e.
 class SingletonListExternalizer

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.remoting.responses

Classes in org.infinispan.remoting.responses with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ExceptionResponse
          A response that encapsulates an exception
 class ExtendedResponse
          A response with extended information
 class RequestIgnoredResponse
          Indicates that the request was ignored,
 class SuccessfulResponse
          A successful response
 class UnsuccessfulResponse
          An unsuccessful response
 class UnsureResponse
          An unsure response - used with Dist - essentially asks the caller to check the next response from the next node since the sender is in a state of flux (probably in the middle of rebalancing)

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups

Classes in org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups with annotations of type Marshallable
 class JGroupsAddress
          An encapsulation of a JGroups Address

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.transaction

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction with annotations of type Marshallable
static class TransactionLog.LogEntry

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.transaction.xa

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction.xa with annotations of type Marshallable
 class DeadlockDetectingGlobalTransaction
          This class is used when deadlock detection is enabled.
 class GlobalTransaction
          Uniquely identifies a transaction that spans all JVMs in a cluster.

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.tree

Classes in org.infinispan.tree with annotations of type Marshallable
 class Fqn
          A Fully Qualified Name (Fqn) is a list of names (typically Strings but can be any Object), which represent a path to a particular Node in a TreeCache.
 class NodeKey
          A class that represents the key to a node

Uses of Marshallable in org.infinispan.util

Classes in org.infinispan.util with annotations of type Marshallable
 class ByteArrayKey
          Wrapper class for byte[] keys.
 class FastCopyHashMap<K,V>
          A HashMap that is optimized for fast shallow copies.

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