Uses of Interface

Packages that use CacheTransaction
org.infinispan.transaction JTA transaction support. 
org.infinispan.transaction.xa XA transaction support. 

Uses of CacheTransaction in org.infinispan.transaction

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction that implement CacheTransaction
 class AbstractCacheTransaction
          Base class for local and remote transaction.
 class LocalTransaction
          Object that holds transaction's state on the node where it originated; as opposed to RemoteTransaction.
 class RemoteTransaction
          Defines the state of a remotely originated transaction.

Uses of CacheTransaction in org.infinispan.transaction.synchronization

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction.synchronization that implement CacheTransaction
 class SyncLocalTransaction
          LocalTransaction implementation to be used with SynchronizationAdapter.

Uses of CacheTransaction in org.infinispan.transaction.xa

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction.xa that implement CacheTransaction
 class LocalXaTransaction
          LocalTransaction implementation to be used with TransactionXaAdapter.

Uses of CacheTransaction in org.infinispan.transaction.xa.recovery

Subinterfaces of CacheTransaction in org.infinispan.transaction.xa.recovery
 interface RecoveryAwareTransaction
          Base interface for transactions that are holders of recovery information.

Classes in org.infinispan.transaction.xa.recovery that implement CacheTransaction
 class RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction
          Extends LocalXaTransaction and adds recovery related information.
 class RecoveryAwareRemoteTransaction
          Extends RemoteTransaction and adds recovery related information and functionality.


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