Package org.infinispan.transaction.xa.recovery

Interface Summary
RecoverableTransactionIdentifier Interface that adds recovery required information to a GlobalTransaction.
RecoveryAwareTransaction Base interface for transactions that are holders of recovery information.
RecoveryManager RecoveryManager is the component responsible with managing recovery related information and the functionality associated with it.
RecoveryManager.InDoubtTxInfo An object describing in doubt transaction's state.
RecoveryManager.RecoveryIterator Stateful structure allowing prepared-tx retrieval in a batch-oriented manner, as required by XAResource.recover(int).

Class Summary
PreparedTxIterator Default implementation for RecoveryIterator.
RecoveryAdminOperations Admin utility class for allowing management of in-doubt transactions (e.g.
RecoveryAwareDldGlobalTransaction DldGlobalTransaction that also holds xid information, required for recovery.
RecoveryAwareGlobalTransaction GlobalTransaction that also holds xid information, required for recovery.
RecoveryAwareLocalTransaction Extends LocalXaTransaction and adds recovery related information.
RecoveryAwareRemoteTransaction Extends RemoteTransaction and adds recovery related information and functionality.
RecoveryAwareTransactionTable Transaction table that delegates prepared transaction's management to the RecoveryManager.
RecoveryInfoKey This makes sure that only xids pertaining to a certain cache are being returned when needed.
RecoveryManagerImpl Default implementation for RecoveryManager
SerializableXid This xid implementation is needed because Xid is not Serializable and we need to serialize it and send it over the network.


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