Package org.infinispan.tree

This package contains the TreeCache.


Interface Summary
Node<K,V> A Node is a named logical grouping of data in the TreeCache API of JBoss Cache.
TreeCache<K,V> This is a tree-like facade around a Cache allowing for efficient tree-style access to cached data.

Class Summary
CacheAdapter A cache adapter for setting flags for each individual cache operation called within the scope of a TreeCache operation.
Fqn A Fully Qualified Name (Fqn) is a list of names (typically Strings but can be any Object), which represent a path to a particular Node in a TreeCache.
FqnComparator Compares the order of two FQN.
LifecycleCallbacks Module lifecycle callbacks implementation that enables module specific AdvancedExternalizer implementations to be registered.
NodeImpl<K,V> Implementation backed by an AtomicMap
NodeKey A class that represents the key to a node
TreeCacheFactory Factory class that contains API for users to create instances of TreeCache
TreeContext Tree invocation context primarily used to hold flags that should be set for all cache operations within a single tree cache operation.
TreeContextContainer Invocation context container holding tree invocation context for the current thread.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
NodeNotExistsException Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
NodeNotValidException Thrown whenever operations are attempted on a node that is no longer valid.

Package org.infinispan.tree Description

This package contains the TreeCache. For usage, see the TreeCache and TreeCacheFactory classes and their javadocs.

This package is intended as a compatibility layer between JBoss Cache and Infinispan, and also as an API for when a tree structure is useful. In general though, this will not perform as well as the core Infinispan API.


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