Package org.infinispan.cdi.interceptor

This package provides the partial support of JCACHE (JSR-107).


Interface Summary
CacheResolver This is the cache resolver contract used by interceptors to resolve a Cache.

Class Summary
CachePutInterceptor CachePut interceptor implementation.
CacheRemoveAllInterceptor CacheRemoveAll interceptor implementation.
CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor CacheRemoveEntry interceptor implementation.This interceptor uses the following algorithm describes in JSR-107.
CacheResultInterceptor CacheResult interceptor implementation.
DefaultCacheKey Default CacheKey implementation.
DefaultCacheKeyGenerator Default CacheKeyGenerator implementation.
DefaultCacheResolver Default CacheResolver implementation.

Package org.infinispan.cdi.interceptor Description

This package provides the partial support of JCACHE (JSR-107). It contains the JCACHE interceptor implementations. For further details see Chapter 8 of the JCACHE specification.


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