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Packages that use DefaultDeploymentSorter
org.jboss.deployment Core deployment framework and services. 
org.jboss.deployment.scanner Deployment scanning framework and components. 

Uses of DefaultDeploymentSorter in org.jboss.deployment

Classes in org.jboss.deployment that implement DefaultDeploymentSorter
 class DeploymentSorter
          A helper class for sorting deployments.

Uses of DefaultDeploymentSorter in org.jboss.deployment.scanner

Classes in org.jboss.deployment.scanner that implement DefaultDeploymentSorter
 class AlphaNumericDeploymentSorter
          This is simialr to the PrefixDeploymentSorter in that it will order files that do not start with a numeric value before those that do.
 class PrefixDeploymentSorter
          This class is a comparator to sort deployment URLs based on the existence of a numeric prefix.

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