Package org.jboss.deployment.scanner

Deployment scanning framework and components.


Interface Summary
DeploymentScanner Provides the basic interface for a deployment scanner.
DeploymentScannerMBean MBean interface.
HttpURLDeploymentScannerMBean MBean interface.
URLDeploymentScannerMBean URLDeploymentScanner MBean interface.
URLDirectoryScannerMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
AbstractDeploymentScanner An abstract support class for implementing a deployment scanner.
AlphaNumericDeploymentSorter This is simialr to the PrefixDeploymentSorter in that it will order files that do not start with a numeric value before those that do.
DeploymentFilter A simple filter for the URLDeploymentScanner.
PrefixDeploymentSorter This class is a comparator to sort deployment URLs based on the existence of a numeric prefix.
URLDeploymentScanner A URL-based deployment scanner.
URLDirectoryScanner This class is similar to the URLDeploymentScanner (

Package org.jboss.deployment.scanner Description

Deployment scanning framework and components.

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