Package org.jboss.system

Core system framework and components.


Interface Summary
BarrierController.BarrierMBean The controlled barrier MBean interface
BarrierControllerMBean MBean interface.
InterceptorServiceMBean MBean interface for services that dynamically attach an interceptor to a set of target Interceptable (X)MBeans.
ListenerServiceMBean An extension of the ServiceMBean interface that provides for declarative JMX notification subscription handling.
NotificationFilterFactory Abstracts NotificationFilter creation based on an arbritrary xml element fragment.
Service The Service interface.
ServiceBinding A policy used by ServiceController to allow the override of MBean attribute values at configuration time.
ServiceControllerMBean ServiceController MBean interface.
ServiceFactory The ServiceFactory interface is used to obtain a Service proxy instance for a named MBean.
ServiceMBean An interface describing a JBoss service MBean.

Class Summary
BarrierController BarrierController service.
BarrierController.Barrier The controlled barrier MBean class
InterceptorServiceMBeanSupport Helper class that can be used for writing MBean Services that dynamically hook-up an Interceptor to other (X)MBeans that have been configured as Interceptable.
JBossRMIClassLoader An implementation of RMIClassLoaderSpi to workaround the proxy ClassCastException problem in 1.4
ListenerServiceMBeanSupport An abstract base class that provides for declarative JMX notification subscription handling.
ListenerServiceMBeanSupport.SubscriptionInfo Inner data holder class to store the parsed subscription specification.
ORBSingleton Thin wrapper class that fulfills the contract of an ORB singleton and forwards every invocation to an instance of the actual ORB singleton class, which it loads with the context classloader.
Registry A registry, really, a registry.
ServiceConfigurator Service configuration helper.
ServiceContext ServiceContext holds information for the Service
ServiceController This is the main Service Controller.
ServiceCreator A helper class for the controller.
ServiceMBeanSupport An abstract base class JBoss services can subclass to implement a service that conforms to the ServiceMBean interface.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Thrown to indicate a non-fatal configuration related problem.
InvalidAttributeException Thrown to indicate that a given attribute value is not valid.
MissingAttributeException Thrown to indicate that a required attribute has not been set.

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Core system framework and components.

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