Uses of Interface

Packages that use InterceptorServiceMBean
org.jboss.deployment Core deployment framework and services. 
org.jboss.system Core system framework and components. 

Uses of InterceptorServiceMBean in org.jboss.deployment

Subinterfaces of InterceptorServiceMBean in org.jboss.deployment
 interface SubDeployerInterceptorMBean
          Interface for SubDeployerInterceptor services.

Classes in org.jboss.deployment that implement InterceptorServiceMBean
 class SubDeployerInterceptorSupport
          Base class that can be used for writing services that dynamically hook to other interceptable deployers in order to add functionality in the deployment cycle.

Uses of InterceptorServiceMBean in org.jboss.system

Classes in org.jboss.system that implement InterceptorServiceMBean
 class InterceptorServiceMBeanSupport
          Helper class that can be used for writing MBean Services that dynamically hook-up an Interceptor to other (X)MBeans that have been configured as Interceptable.

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