Class GlobalTxEntityMap

  extended by org.jboss.ejb.GlobalTxEntityMap

public class GlobalTxEntityMap
extends Object

This class provides a way to find out what entities are contained in what transaction. It is used, to find which entities to call ejbStore() on when a ejbFind() method is called within a transaction. EJB 2.0- 9.6.4 also, it is used to synchronize on a remove. Used in EntitySynchronizationInterceptor, EntityContainer Entities are stored in an ArrayList to ensure specific ordering.

$Revision: 57209 $
Bill Burke, Alexey Loubyansky

Nested Class Summary
static interface GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation
          An instance can be in one of the three states: not associated with the tx and, hence, does not need to be synchronized associated with the tx and needs to be synchronized associated with the tx but does not need to be synchronized Implementations of TxAssociation implement these states.
Field Summary
static GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation NONE
static GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation PREVENT_SYNC
static GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation SYNC_SCHEDULED
static GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation SYNCHRONIZED
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void synchronizeEntities(Transaction tx)
          sync all EntityEnterpriseContext that are involved (and changed) within a transaction.
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Field Detail


public static final GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation NONE


public static final GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation SYNC_SCHEDULED


public static final GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation SYNCHRONIZED


public static final GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation PREVENT_SYNC
Constructor Detail


public GlobalTxEntityMap()
Method Detail


public void synchronizeEntities(Transaction tx)
sync all EntityEnterpriseContext that are involved (and changed) within a transaction.

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