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Interface Summary
AllowedOperationsFlags Constants used by the AllowedOperationsAssociation According to the EJB2.1 spec not all context methods can be accessed at all times For example ctx.getPrimaryKey() should throw an IllegalStateException when called from within ejbCreate()
BeanLock BeanLock interface
BeanLockExt An extension of the BeanLock interface that adds support for non-blocking acquisition of a lock.
ContainerMBean MBean interface.
ContainerPlugin This is a superinterface for all Container plugins.
ContainerRelectionMBean A sample mbean that looks up the Container MBean for the jndiName passed to the inspectEJB method and retrieves its Home and Remote interfaces and lists all of their methods.
EJBDeployerMBean EJBDeployer MBean interface.
EjbModuleMBean MBean interface.
EJBProxyFactory This is an interface for Container plugins.
EJBProxyFactoryContainer This is an interface for Containers that uses EJBProxyFactory.
EntityCache EntityCaches can work from several keys.
EntityContainerMBean MBean interface.
EntityPersistenceManager This interface is implemented by any EntityBean persistence managers plugins.
EntityPersistenceStore This interface is implemented by any EntityBean persistence Store.
GenericEntityObjectFactory Entity EJBObject and EJBLocalObject proxy factories implement this generic interface.
GlobalTxEntityMap.TxAssociation An instance can be in one of the three states: not associated with the tx and, hence, does not need to be synchronized associated with the tx and needs to be synchronized associated with the tx but does not need to be synchronized Implementations of TxAssociation implement these states.
InstanceCache The plugin that gives a container a cache for bean instances.
InstancePool Defines the model for a EnterpriseContext instance pool.
InstancePoolContainer This is an interface for Containers that uses InstancePools.
InstancePoolFeeder Interface for bean instances Pool Feeder
Interceptor Provides the interface for all container interceptors.
LocalContainerInvoker This is an extension to the ContainerInvoker interface.
LocalProxyFactory This is an extension to the EJBProxyFactory interface.
MessageDrivenContainerMBean MBean interface.
StatefulSessionPersistenceManager The interface for persisting stateful session beans.

Class Summary
AllowedOperationsAssociation Associates the current thread with a stack of flags that indicate the callers current ejb method.
BeanLockManager Manages BeanLocks.
BeanMetaDataPolicyContextHandler A PolicyContextHandler for the active EnterpriseBean metadata.
CacheKey CacheKey is an encapsulation of both the PrimaryKey and a cache specific key.
Container This is the base class for all EJB-containers in JBoss.
ContainerRelection The ContainerRelectionMBean implementation.
EJBArgsPolicyContextHandler A PolicyContextHandler for the EJB invocation arguments.
EJBDeployer A EJBDeployer is used to deploy EJB applications.
EjbModule An EjbModule represents a collection of beans that are deployed as a unit.
EjbUtil Utility methods for resolving ejb-ref and ejb-local-ref within the scope of a deployment.
EnterpriseContext The EnterpriseContext is used to associate EJB instances with metadata about it.
EntityContainer This is a Container for EntityBeans (both BMP and CMP).
EntityEnterpriseContext The EntityEnterpriseContext is used to associate EntityBean instances with metadata about it.
GlobalTxEntityMap This class provides a way to find out what entities are contained in what transaction.
ListCacheKey ListCacheKey extends CacheKey and holds info about the List that the entity belongs to, it is used with CMP 2.0 for reading ahead.
MessageDrivenContainer The container for MessageDriven beans.
MessageDrivenEnterpriseContext Context for message driven beans.
SessionContainer Container dedicated to session beans.
SOAPMsgPolicyContextHandler A PolicyContextHandler for EJB SEI invocation SOAPMessages
StatefulSessionContainer The container for stateful session beans.
StatefulSessionEnterpriseContext The enterprise context for stateful session beans.
StatelessSessionContainer The container for stateless session beans.
StatelessSessionEnterpriseContext The enterprise context for stateless session beans.
TxEntityMap Deprecated. this class was useful only for Instance Per Transaction containers and was used to check whether the instance is associated with the tx.

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