Class JDBCInitEntityCommand

  extended by org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.JDBCInitEntityCommand

public final class JDBCInitEntityCommand
extends Object

CMPStoreManager JDBCActivateEntityCommand

$Revision: 57209 $
Dain Sundstrom

Constructor Summary
JDBCInitEntityCommand(JDBCStoreManager manager)
Method Summary
 void execute(EntityEnterpriseContext ctx)
          Called before ejbCreate.
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Constructor Detail


public JDBCInitEntityCommand(JDBCStoreManager manager)
Method Detail


public void execute(EntityEnterpriseContext ctx)
Called before ejbCreate. In the JDBCStoreManager we need to initialize the presistence context. The persistence context is where where bean data is stored. If CMP 1.x, original values are store and for CMP 2.x actual values are stored int the context. Then we initialize the data. In CMP 1.x fields are reset to Java defaults, and in CMP 2.x current value in persistence store are initialized. Note: persistence context is also initialized in activate.

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