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Interface Summary
CMPFieldStateFactory Implementations of this interface are used to create and compare field states for equality.
JDBCCreateCommand Interface to a pluggable command to create an entity
JDBCParameterSetter Implementations of this interface are used to set java.sql.PreparedStatement parameters.
JDBCQueryCommand Common interface for all query commands.
JDBCResultSetReader Implementations of this interface are used to read java.sql.ResultSet.
JDBCType This interface represents a mapping between a Java type and JDBC type.
Mapper Generally, implementations of this interface map instances of one Java type into instances of another Java type.
SQLExceptionProcessorMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
ByteArrayBlob The representation (mapping) in the JavaTM programming language of an SQL BLOB value to an array of bytes.
CascadeDeleteStrategy.BatchCascadeDeleteStrategy Batch cascade-delete strategy.
CascadeDeleteStrategy.DefaultCascadeDeleteStrategy Specification compliant cascade-delete strategy, i.e.
CascadeDeleteStrategy.NoneCascadeDeleteStrategy No cascade-delete strategy.
EJBQLToSQL92Compiler Compiles EJB-QL and JBossQL into SQL using OUTER and INNER joins.
JDBCAbstractCreateCommand Base class for create commands that drives the operation sequence.
JDBCAbstractQueryCommand Abstract superclass of finder commands that return collections.
JDBCActivateEntityCommand JDBCActivateEntityCommand initializes the entity persistence context.
JDBCCommandFactory JDBCCommandFactory creates all required CMP command and some JDBC specific commands.
JDBCCreateBeanClassInstanceCommand JDBCBeanClassInstanceCommand creates instance of the bean class.
JDBCCreateEntityCommand JDBCCreateEntityCommand executes an INSERT INTO query.
JDBCCustomFinderQuery CMPStoreManager CustomFindByEntitiesCommand.
JDBCDeclaredSQLQuery This class generates a query based on the delcared-sql xml specification.
JDBCDeleteRelationsCommand Deletes relations from a relation table.
JDBCDestroyCommand JDBCDestroyCommand does nothing.
JDBCDynamicQLQuery This class generates a query from JBoss-QL.
JDBCEJBQLCompiler Compiles EJB-QL and JBossQL into SQL.
JDBCEJBQLQuery This class generates a query from EJB-QL.
JDBCFindAllQuery JDBCFindAllQuery automatic finder used in CMP 1.x.
JDBCFindByPrimaryKeyQuery JDBCBeanExistsCommand is a JDBC query that checks if an id exists in the database.
JDBCFindByQuery JDBCFindByQuery automatic finder used in CMP 1.x.
JDBCFindEntitiesCommand Delegates to the specific query command.
JDBCFindEntityCommand JDBCFindEntityCommand finds a single entity, by deligating to find entities and checking that only entity is returned.
JDBCIdentityColumnCreateCommand Base class for create commands where the PK value is generated as side effect of performing the insert operation.
JDBCInitCommand JDBCInitCommand does nothing.
JDBCInitEntityCommand CMPStoreManager JDBCActivateEntityCommand
JDBCInsertPKCreateCommand Base class for create commands that actually insert the primary key value.
JDBCInsertRelationsCommand Inserts relations into a relation table.
JDBCIsModifiedCommand JDBCIsModifiedCommand determines if the entity has been modified.
JDBCJBossQLQuery This class generates a query from JBoss-QL.
JDBCLoadEntityCommand JDBCLoadEntityCommand loads the data for an instance from the table.
JDBCLoadRelationCommand Loads relations for a particular entity from a relation table.
JDBCPassivateEntityCommand JDBCPassivateEntityCommand deletes the entity persistence context, where data about the instence is keeps.
JDBCPostCreateEntityCommand This command establishes relationships for CMR fields that have foreign keys mapped to primary keys.
JDBCQueryManager Maintains a map from a query method to query command.
JDBCRelationInterceptor The role of this interceptor relationship messages from a related CMR field and invoke the specified message on this container's cmr field of the relationship.
JDBCRemoveEntityCommand JDBCRemoveEntityCommand executes a DELETE FROM table WHERE command.
JDBCStartCommand JDBCStartCommand creates the table if specified in xml.
JDBCStopCommand JDBCStopCommand drops the table for this entity if specified in the xml.
JDBCStoreEntityCommand JDBCStoreEntityCommand updates the row with the new state.
JDBCStoreManager JDBCStoreManager manages storage of persistence data into a table.
JDBCTypeComplex JDBCTypeComplex provides the mapping between a Java Bean (not an EJB) and a set of columns.
JDBCTypeComplexProperty Immutable class which contins the mapping between a single Java Bean (not an EJB) property and a column.
JDBCTypeFactory JDBCTypeFactory mapps Java Classes to JDBCType objects.
JDBCTypeSimple This class provides a simple mapping of a Java type type to a single column.
JDBCUtil JDBCUtil takes care of some of the more anoying JDBC tasks.
ReadAheadCache ReadAheadCache stores all of the data readahead for an entity.
RelationData This class holds data about one relationship.
RelationPair This class represents one pair of entities in a relation.
SQLExceptionProcessor Default SQLExceptionProcessor.
SQLUtil SQLUtil helps with building sql statements.
SQLUtil.OldColumns utility class to store the information returned by getOldColumns()
SQLUtil.OldIndexes utility class to store the information returned by getOldColumns()

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