Package org.jboss.cache.transaction

Interface Summary
TransactionContext Captures information pertaining to a specific JTA transaction.
TransactionManagerLookup Factory interface, allows Cache to use different transactional systems.

Class Summary
AbstractTransactionContext An abstract transaction context
BatchModeTransactionManager Not really a transaction manager in the truest sense of the word.
BatchModeTransactionManagerLookup Deprecated. Use batching API on Cache instead.
DummyTransactionManager Simple transaction manager implementation that maintains transaction state in memory only.
DummyTransactionManagerLookup Returns an instance of DummyTransactionManager.
GenericTransactionManagerLookup A transaction manager lookup class that attempts to locate a TransactionManager.
GlobalTransaction Uniquely identifies a transaction that spans all nodes in a cluster.
JBossStandaloneJTAManagerLookup JTA standalone TM lookup.
JBossTransactionManagerLookup Uses JNDI to look-up the TransactionManager instance from "java:/TransactionManager".
MVCCTransactionContext A transaction context specially geared to dealing with MVCC.
OptimisticTransactionContext Deprecated. will be removed along with optimistic and pessimistic locking.
PessimisticTransactionContext Deprecated. will be removed along with optimistic and pessimistic locking.
TransactionLog Logs transactions and writes for Non-Blocking State Transfer
TransactionTable Maintains the mapping between a local Transaction and a GlobalTransaction.

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