Package org.jboss.cache.util

Interface Summary
Caches.ChildSelector<T> Returns a segment (child node name) to use based on the characteristics of a key.

Class Summary
BeanUtils Simple JavaBean manipulation helper methods
BitEncodedIntegerSet A Set that encodes integers as bits in a long.
CachePrinter Helper that prints the contents of a Cache to a string.
Caches Adaptors for Cache classes, such as Node.
Caches.HashKeySelector<T> Class that returns a child name to use based on the hash code of a key.
DeltaMap<K,V> Wraps an existing map, which is not modified, reflecting modifications in an internal modification set.
FastCopyHashMap<K,V> A HashMap that is optimized for fast shallow copies.
FileLookup Holds the logic of looking up a file, in the following sequence: try to load it with the curent thread's context ClassLoader if fails, the system ClassLoader if fails, try to load it as a file from the disck
ImmutableListCopy<E> A lightweight, read-only copy of a List.
Immutables Factory for generating immutable type wrappers.
MinMapUtil Minimizes Map memory usage by changing the map instance based on the number of stored entries.
Util General utility methods used throughout the JBC code base.
Util.MapModifications Static inner class that holds 3 maps - for data added, removed and modified.

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