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Packages that use PathRepository
org.jboss.dna.connector.filesystem The classes that make up the connector that accesses the files and directories on a local file system and exposes them as content in a repository. 
org.jboss.dna.connector.svn The classes that make up the connector that accesses content from an SVN repository. 
org.jboss.dna.graph.connector.path The PathRepository class and its supporting classes provide a default read-only implementation of the connector classes for connectors that only support path-based access to a standard representation of a node

Uses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.filesystem

Subclasses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.filesystem
 class FileSystemRepository
          Implementation of WritablePathRepository that provides access to an underlying file system.

Uses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.meta.jdbc

Subclasses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.meta.jdbc
 class JdbcMetadataRepository

Uses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.svn

Subclasses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.connector.svn
 class SvnRepository

Uses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.graph.connector.path

Subclasses of PathRepository in org.jboss.dna.graph.connector.path
 class WritablePathRepository
          Extension of PathRepository for repositories that support modification of nodes as well as access to the nodes.

Constructors in org.jboss.dna.graph.connector.path with parameters of type PathRepository
PathRepositoryConnection(PathRepositorySource source, PathRepository repository)
PathRequestProcessor(ExecutionContext context, PathRepository repository, Observer observer, boolean updatesAllowed, PathRepositoryTransaction txn)

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