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Packages that use Schemata.Table
org.jboss.dna.graph.query.plan This package defines the Planner interface, the CanonicalPlanner implementation, and the PlanNode class that is used to represent a canonical query plan. 
org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate This package provides the interfaces that define the tables and columns that can be queried. 

Uses of Schemata.Table in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.plan

Methods in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.plan with parameters of type Schemata.Table
static PlanUtil.ColumnMapping PlanUtil.createMappingForAliased(SelectorName tableAlias, Schemata.Table table, PlanNode tableSourceNode)

Uses of Schemata.Table in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate

Subinterfaces of Schemata.Table in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate
static interface Schemata.View
          Information about a view that is defined in terms of other views/tables.

Methods in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate that return Schemata.Table
 Schemata.Table Schemata.getTable(SelectorName name)
          Get the information for the table or view with the supplied name within this schema.
 Schemata.Table ImmutableSchemata.getTable(SelectorName name)
          Get the information for the table or view with the supplied name within this schema.

Methods in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate with parameters of type Schemata.Table
 ImmutableSchemata ImmutableSchemata.with(Schemata.Table table)

Constructor parameters in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.validate with type arguments of type Schemata.Table
Validator(QueryContext context, Map<SelectorName,Schemata.Table> selectorsByName)

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