Package org.jboss.soa.esb.actions

Interface Summary
ActionLifecycle Interface representing lifecycle methods of an action.
ActionPipelineProcessor Interface representing processor actions used in a pipeline.
ActionProcessor Deprecated. This interface has been replaced by ActionPipelineProcessor
BeanConfiguredAction Marker interface for actions configured automatically by invoking setters based on ConfigTree attributes.

Class Summary
AbstractActionLifecycle Abstract class for lifecycle methods
AbstractActionPipelineProcessor Abstract class for processor actions used in a pipeline.
AbstractSpringAction Abstract class for Actions that makes calls to Spring beans.
ActionUtils Contains utility methods for actions
AggregationDetails Aggregation Details.
Aggregator Simple Aggregator.
BusinessRulesProcessor BusinessRulesProcessor extends ContentBasedRouter but does not perform any routing, it only executes the business rules.
ContentBasedRouter ContentBasedRouter extends ContentBasedWiretap and implements the Content Based Routing pattern.
ContentBasedWiretap ContentBasedWirtap implements the WireTap pattern.
EJBProcessor EJBProcessor is an action that can call stateless session beans deployed in an application server.
LogAction Action that can be subclassed to add support for logging.
Notifier Stand alone action class that replaces the NotificationHandler EJB (beta 1)

This action adds all of its attributes to the message as properties.

StoreMessageToFile Simple action that checks to see if the message should be stored into a file.
SyncServiceInvoker Synchronous Service Invoker.
SystemPrintln Simple action that prints out the message contents using System.println.
TestMessageStore Simple action that passes the message to a logging mechanism.
TestMessageStoreSink Simple action that passes the message to a logging mechanism.

Exception Summary
ActionLifecycleException Exception representing errors in an action lifecycle.
ActionProcessingDetailFaultException Exception used to specify SOAP code/reason/detail equivalents in a fault.
ActionProcessingException Exception while processing message payload processing action.
ActionProcessingFaultException Exception while processing message payload processing action.