Class ScriptingAction

  extended by org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.AbstractActionLifecycle
      extended by org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.AbstractActionPipelineProcessor
          extended by org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.scripting.ScriptingAction
All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionLifecycle, ActionPipelineProcessor

public class ScriptingAction
extends AbstractActionPipelineProcessor

BSF Scripting action pipeline processor.

Based on GroovyActionProcessor by Gregory Pierce and Tom Fennelly.

 <action name="helloWorld" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.scripting.ScriptingAction">
     <property name="script" value="/scripts/helloWorld.ext"/>
     <-- The language property is not required; it is deduced via the script extension but can be overridden -->
     <property name="language" value="languageDescriptor"/>

The Message is bound into the script with the name "message". The ConfigTree is bound into the script with the name "config". The MessagePayloadProxy is bound into the script with the name "payloadProxy". The Logger is bound into the script with the name "logger".

The script can also be supplied to this action as the message payload, allowing you to dynamically supply the action script. For message based scripts to be executable, the "script" action property must be omitted and the "supportMessageBasedScripting" property must be set to "true". There are obvious security issues around executing message based scripts, so use this feature controlled manner.

The following are the supported scripting languages, although the developer is responsible for including the appropriate 3rd party libraries (from bsf.jar's org/apache/bsf/

 # List of script types and their associated scripting engines
 # languageDescriptor = engineClass, ext1|ext2|... {, codebaseURL, ...}
 # where exti are extensions for the language. Note that we leave
 # all the engines enabled now and allow them to fail at load time.
 # This way engines can be added by just adding to the classpath
 # without having to edit this file. Cheating, really, but it works.
 javascript = org.apache.bsf.engines.javascript.JavaScriptEngine, js
 jacl = org.apache.bsf.engines.jacl.JaclEngine, jacl
 netrexx = org.apache.bsf.engines.netrexx.NetRexxEngine, nrx
 java =, java
 javaclass = org.apache.bsf.engines.javaclass.JavaClassEngine, class
 bml = org.apache.bml.ext.BMLEngine, bml
 vbscript = org.apache.bsf.engines.activescript.ActiveScriptEngine, vbs
 jscript = org.apache.bsf.engines.activescript.ActiveScriptEngine, jss
 perlscript = org.apache.bsf.engines.activescript.ActiveScriptEngine, pls
 perl = org.apache.bsf.engines.perl.PerlEngine, pl
 jpython = org.apache.bsf.engines.jpython.JPythonEngine, py
 jython = org.apache.bsf.engines.jython.JythonEngine, py
 lotusscript = org.apache.bsf.engines.lotusscript.LsEngine, lss
 xslt = org.apache.bsf.engines.xslt.XSLTEngine, xslt
 pnuts = pnuts.ext.PnutsBSFEngine, pnut
 beanbasic = org.apache.bsf.engines.beanbasic.BeanBasicEngine, bb
 beanshell = bsh.util.BeanShellBSFEngine, bsh
 ruby = org.jruby.javasupport.bsf.JRubyEngine, rb
 judoscript = com.judoscript.BSFJudoEngine, judo|jud

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ScriptingAction(ConfigTree config)
Method Summary
 void initialise()
          Initialise the action instance.
 Message process(Message message)
          Perform the action processing on the specified message.
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Constructor Detail


public ScriptingAction(ConfigTree config)
Method Detail


public void initialise()
                throws ActionLifecycleException
Description copied from class: AbstractActionLifecycle
Initialise the action instance.

This method is called after the action instance has been instantiated so that configuration options can be validated.

Specified by:
initialise in interface ActionLifecycle
initialise in class AbstractActionLifecycle
ActionLifecycleException - for errors during initialisation.


public Message process(Message message)
                throws ActionProcessingException
Description copied from interface: ActionPipelineProcessor
Perform the action processing on the specified message. This method is invoked for each message passing throught the pipeline.

message - The current message being processed.
The message to be passed to the next stage of the pipeline.
ActionProcessingException - for errors during processing.