Package org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractWsdlContractPublisher Abstract WSDL contract publisher.
AuthBASICWsdlContractPublisher AuthBASIC WSDL contract publisher.
CXFSOAPProcessor JBossWS-CXF SOAP Processor.
JBossWSDLLocatorImpl A WSDLLocator that can handle wsdl imports
JBossWSDLReader A WSDLReader fork of the original wsdl4j 1.6.2 package that delegates to the JBossWSEntityResolver in private static Document getDocument(InputSource inputSource,String desc)
JBossWSWebserviceContractPublisher Contract publisher for a JBossWS Webservice endpoint.
MBeanSoapUIInvoker Invoker the soapui-client Service.
NativeSOAPProcessor JBossWS-Native SOAP Processor.
RemoteWsdlLoader HttpClientFactory based WSLD loader.
SOAPClient SOAP Client action processor.
SOAPProcessor JBoss Webservices SOAP Processor.
SOAPSamlHandler SOAPSamlHandler is a SOAP Protocol Handler that will add a security header to all outgoing messages if a SamlPrincipal has been set using the SamlContext.
SOAPSamlHandlerUtil Util methods for handling SAML related tasks for SOAP Protocol Handlers.
WebServiceUtils Holds reusable utilities and constants needed by SOAP services.
WsdlContractPublisher WSDL contract publisher.
WsdlEndpointTransformer Smooks transformer for transforming the WSDL for ESB endpoints.